India Tribune, Sept 22, 07

India Tribune, Sept 22, 07

“The World is a Dangerous Placeto Live, Not Because of the People who are Evil, But Because of the People WhoDo not Do Anything About it”  — Albert Einstein

Join the protest  and Fast/Prayers.   More than 1000people are expected to attend the protest. 6-7 Free buses are arranged from NYand NJ. Please visit www.gandhiheritage/send mail to  for more info.  People from different parts of the countryare attending the protest and fast. Spread the word to as many people aspossible.

Protest rally, fast planned againstSonia’a representation at UN

India Tribune, Sept 22, 07

New York: A protest rally and a fast are being planned at New York against Sonia Gandhi representation for InternationalNon-Violence Day at United Nations on Oct 2, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.

The protest will take placein front of the UN building from 12 noonto 2:00p.m on Oct 2nd. The fastingwill take place in UnionSquare infront of Gandhi statue from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m on Oct 1st and2nd. A bus will be arranged from Edison,NJ, for the volunteers to participate in the protest andthe fast. Volunteers are also welcome to organize buses from different areas,says a press note received from Forum for Gandhi Heritage Organization.

The press note says that therecent UN declaration of Mahatma Gandhi birthday as International Non-ViolenceDay at India’s request is commendable. However, instead of trueGandhians, who lived their lives based on Gandhiji’s ideals representing thisday at the UN, politicians like Sonia Gandhi are using his name for politicalmileage and international legitimacy. “The alarming threat Sonia Gandhi posesto democracy of India, corruption and fraud since entering India, dividingIndia for purpose of dynasty rule, crusade to wipe out Hinduism is against allwhat Mahatma Gandhi stood for, Sonia Gandhi is unrelated to Gandhi in blood. Inthought, word and deed, what she stands for is direct contradiction to whatMahatma Gandhi stood for. Mahatma Gandhi was an embodiment of Truth. His lifewas guided by Hindu scriptures and has deep respect  for  all religions and to democratic and secularprinciples. On the other hand, Sonia’s actions as unraveled by many journalistsspeak volumes of her character and emphasize the danger the humanity faces wheneven the best name in the world is utilized for personal gain,” the press noteadded.

The press note said: “Soniarose to be president of the Congress Party by overthrowing Sitaram Kesari usingCongress goons. Opponents such as Sharad Pawar were expelled from the party.This is quite contrast  to whatGandhiji’s ideal, who never desired for power and who said his greatestambition in life is to made himself a zero. But Sonia Gandhi is in a hurry –hurry to install her siblings on thronereigning over more than one billions Indians.”

The form alleged that Soniawas pursuing a strategy of divide and conquer to ensure her seat of powerforever. She and her cohorts were engaging in a policy of allowing illegal immigrationof Bangladeshis, assisting in illegal conversion, and dividing Hindus for anassured vote bank.

It also said that sheintimidated most revered Hindu saint on whom no evidence could be producedafter three years. Rama Sethu held sacred by one billion Hindus was being blownup just like Taliban blew up Budha statues and this in spite of overwhelmingproof that it would be an environmental disaster. Her protégé and Chief MinisterY.S. Rajasekhara Reddy in Andra Pradesh was on a crusade to destroy Hindutemples and attempted to take over five out of seven most sacred Tirumala hillsfor churches and tourism.

While Gandhiji was a DharmaRakshaka, the press note added, Sonia’s actions showed that she is Dharma Bhakshaka. “If we allow this tocontinue, it is not just India but all humanity will suffer. India will surely be dragged into likes of emergency periodand its gains in economy can be wiped out,” it added.

The protest rally and fast,the press note claimed, has been endorsed by Form for Saving Gandhi Heritageconsisting of Mahatma Gandhi Interna-tional Foundation, Indo Caribbean Council,Kashmiri Pandits Association, Foundation of Nepalis in America and others given on Web site.

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