Mr Poojary, thanks for confirming that she sought Italian security. But..

Mr Poojary, thanks for confirming that she sought Italian security. But..

By S. Gurumurthy   published in New Indian Express

“What is wrong with Sonia asking for Italian security cover forherself?” he asks. “She has to do it as she is on the “hit list”, he says. Heis no ordinary man. No ordinary congressman. Not just a one Rupee member of theparty. He is the President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee. He wasa central minister too

Thisis obviously in response to the investigative expose, which appeared in The NewIndian Express on the17th April 2004 [Sonia Unmasked]. “Just as AtalBehari Vajpayee is provided with security by the USwhen he visits the US”,says Poojary, “so also Sonia is provided with security when she visits Italy”.Obviously Mr Poojary has not read the investigative story in full or he ispretending that the investigation talks of only Italian security providingsecurity for Sonia. But Mr Poojary, the USpolice protects Vajpayee in the US atthe request of the Indian government, just like the Indian police protects the USPresident in India.But Sonia seeks Italian security keeping the Indian government completely inthe dark.

Theinvestigation had exposed four different dimensions of Sonia’s Italianconnections. First and the most serious, Sonia had deep connections with theItalian intelligence agencies as early as the time when Indira Gandhi was thePrime Minister. She brought about liaison between Indian and Italianintelligence agencies and brought about a clandestine meeting with Italianspies in a western European city. This was when she was just a housewife! MrPoojary, consult your leader and then answer whether she performed this highlyskilled assignment. How did she, just a housewife, get into such intimacy withItalian spy agencies?

Anotherdimension was that obviously she had brought in her family into sensitivesecurity areas of Indian state. Her brother-in-law, Walter Winci was involvedin bullet proofing of Indira Gandhi’s car. He was also involved in attemptingto get Italians to train India’sSPG, formed to protect the Prime Ministers of India! Will you ask your leaderon what basis Walter Winci was chosen for this sensitive assignment?

Thethird aspect was that Sonia was keeping the Indian establishment, including thesecurity and foreign affairs offices, completely in the dark and has beendealing with the Italian establishment directly. She has been arrangingsecurity for her children even Rajiv Gandhi was alive through the Italiansecurity establishment, with the Indian security establishment totally unaware.It is important that this happened when Rajiv Gandhi was alive. Mr Poojary, isit not her lack of trust and confidence in the Indian security andestablishment headed by her own husband?

Thenext point was that after Rajiv Gandhi’s death she did the same thing. Sheasked the Italian embassy to arrange for their security. The Swiss policeofficial humiliated the Indian security establishment saying that the wife ofthe [ex] Prime Minister of India did not have faith in the Indian security andshe is only looking to Italians for her security. This is a nationalhumiliation, Mr Poojary. Will you ask your leader to respond?

Butyou have not gone to the extent of saying that since the Indian security hasnot protected her mother in law and her husband, she, as a mother, was right inseeking the Italian security for her children.

Despiteall this Mr Poojary, you have been honest enough to confirm that yes she didseek Italian security for herself, meaning her children. But what about herconnections with the Italian spies? Her inducting her family in sensitive areasof Indian security?