She will make these fellows crawl, then say ” yes”

She will make these fellows crawl, then say ” yes”

by S. Gurumurthy publihsed in New Indian Express

Even the usually pro-Sonianewspapers have written the truth about the AICC headquarters on Thursdayevening.

The naked truth is: the CWCdid not, on its own, decide to expel Sharad Pawar, Sangma and Tariq Anwar. Itwas coerced to do so. Coerced by what? By the threatening and violent crowdoutside? Yes, but, that is only half the truth.

The ”crowds” masquerading as”workers” were under instructions from “their handlers” – say thereports. Instructions to do what? To ensure that, first, the trio was expelledby the Working Committee, and, next, no interim president was appointed in theplace of Madam Sonia who has sent resignation. Four secretaries of the partyhad warned against any such move even before the meeting had started. Thereports say that this was an effort by ”10 Janpath” to see that no interimreplacement of Sonia was attempted.

Who was the ”handler” andwhat is ”10,Janpath” are now open secrets. It is the poor widow of Rajiv Gandhiwho has been hurt by three senior leaders of her own party telling to her facethe most obvious truth – that she is a foreigner, an Italian, by birth – andexpressing their view that the party should not make her the Prime minister.

Congressmen hardly spoke thetruth after 1947. The three who violated the self-imposed discipline of theCongress are now out of the party.

Now there are two Sonias.Sonia I — The one that was hurt, and therefore has resigned and gone. She hasfirmly told all those who crawled to 10, Janpath that she would not change hermind. The party is in chaos – and Congresswomen are crying and Congressmen areweeping. Some are attempting mock – and others real – self-immolation. Butdeeply hurt and shocked by the truth that was told to her, she is unmoved bythe wailing party men and women. This is Sonia I.

But there is another Sonia.She sends her goons to the AICC office. They break Sitaram Kesri”s car, heckleand even manhandle the Reddys, the Dhawans and Shindes who enter the meeting -to prepare their mind for what they might not be willing to do, and to warnthem about not doing what they should, but not willing. The impotents at theCWC, say one, A. K. Antony – including Kesri who has no future to lose – being scaredto death, finally signed a pledge document. But they did go beyond the warningfrom 10,Janpath – but strictly secretly. They passed a resolution condemningthe goondas – but being too terrified to release it, they kept it secret. Thatthey have kept it a secret, shows whom it would point at – as condemning thegoondas would in essence mean court marshalling her. This is Sonia II.

While Sonia I is seen asresigning and withdrawing, Sonia II is preventing even an interim presidentappointed in her place. Why should she care what happens if she has reallyresigned? Who is the real Sonia? – The one that has resigned or the one thathas, by force, secured the CWC to expel the three who opened their mouth, andprevented it from naming her temporary successor? The answer lies in herunscrutinised public record so far. The Sonia who speaks is not the Sonia whoacts.

Poor Kesri still believedher. But one day when he was away from his room and chair, in the AICC office,her goons barged into the office cleaned it for her and she straightaway wentand occupied the presidential chair. Kesri was humiliated and virtually physically thrownout.

It was a Mafia operation,which would have made the Sicilian outfits feel proud of their formercompatriot in India.So, the Sonia who said she would not be the president was Sonia I and the Soniawho threw Kesri out was Sonia II.

Something similar ishappening now. Sonia I has resigned as Congress president and Sonia II has not.Sonia I is refusing to relent and Sonia II is preventing a successor beingappointed. The real Sonia is the Sonia who threw out Kesri and occupied hischair, the one that got the trio sacked from the party, the one that got theCWC not to appoint an interim successor to her – and that is the Sonia II. She- the Sonia II – was in the hiding for long. She was the one who got the twoPrime Ministers – Deva Gowda and Gujral sacked – and one Prime MinisterVajpayee defeated, but not sacked.

The Sonia I is false. SoniaII is the real Sonia. She will force these fellows – Antonys, Reddys, Gehlots,Digvijays and the rest – to crawl to 10,Janpath. She will make them assemblethe AICC and make thousands crawl to her — humiliate every one and the party.So that except her no one has any respect from within or outside. And then say”Yes”.

Only someone who was notborn in India can go this far.’