The sham sacrifice of Sonia

The sham sacrifice of Sonia

By V. Sundaram Published in NewsToday, Chennai

Sonia Gandhi covered herself with everlasting glory by resigning from the Lok Sabha as a Member of Parliament and from the National Advisory Council as its chairman in the rank of a Cabinet Minister. In the realm of supreme self-sacrifice not only on behalf of India and her teeming millions but also on behalf of all mankind, can anyone doubt that she has tried to equal the unapproachable sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the field of religion and spirituality and that of Mahatma Gandhi in the field of politics and public life? Am I not now talking like a bonded Congressman joining the ranks of Buta Singhs, Natwar Singhs, Jayanthi Natarajans, Rajiv Shuklas, Singvis, Shindes and the like?

‘, ‘Many do not know what is the truth behind Sonia”s first act of ”SACRIFICE” in May 2004 when she is said to have graciously given up the opportunity of becoming the Prime Minister of India. Much of the glory and sublimity of truth is connected with its unknown mystery. We should not forget that while we should be loyal to truth and rejoice in it, it has the wisdom of the serpent with the harmlessness of the dove. In this case the facts are as follows. Section 5 of the Citizenship Act of 1955 clearly says the rights and privileges allowed to foreigners who become citizens by application (not by birth) will only be those as are granted to Indians in the country of the concerned person”s origin (in this case Italy). Which means that since an Indian cannot be the Prime Minister of Italy even if he is granted Italian citizenship, then Indian law says that an Italian who is granted Indian citizenship cannot be the PM of India. When President Abdul Kalam reportedly told Sonia Gandhi that he was seeking the advice of the Supreme Court on this issue, she knew the writing on the wall. She cleverly switched over to the ”wave length” of her inner voice and converted a lost opportunity on legal grounds into a a great opportunity for performing this Himalayan act of ”huge self-sacrifice”.

        What is the truth behind yesterday”s ”SACRIFICE”? Though she might deny it, yet everybody knows that not even a blade moves in the UPA government without the prior permission of Sonia Gandhi who is the de facto Prime Minister. The unseating of Jaya Bachchan from the Rajya Sabha gave great delight to her and her partymen. When her partymen made unwarranted attacks on Jaya Bachchan, Sonia Gandhi maintained a stoic silence pretending that she was not aware of what was happening. Her own conspiracy boomeranged against her when the leaders of the NDA led by Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister, met the President of India and gave a petition alleging that Sonia Gandhi, Somnath Chatterjee, Karan Singh and so many other MPs were also holding offices of profit. Immediately the Congressmen alerted Sonia Gandhi about the fall-out effects of this petition. In order to counter this, the Congress party abruptly adjourned both the Houses of Parliament sine die to clear the way for passing of an Ordinance to protect the posts of Sonia Gandhi, Somnath Chatterjee, Karan Singh and others. When the whole of India (Communist parties not excluded!) raised its voice of protest against such a move, Sonia Gandhi thought that the best political option for her is to give up her seat in the Lok Sabha. She gave it up boldly because she knew that she could achieve what she wanted by getting a Bill passed in Parliament redefining the offices of profit and again stage a come back to the same positions in the near future armed with the authority of law.

        Soon after sending her letter of resignation to the Lok Sabha Speaker, she said she was not seeking any position of power for her own benefit. In the same breadth she also declared that she will definitely fight the elections from her Rae Bareilly Constituency, which has been a pocket borough of the Nehru family for 50 years. People of India know that she is guilty of political opportunism of the meanest kind. She is capable of sacrificing every interest excepting her own personal interest and her family”s interest in the garb of national service. According to the Congress party and Sonia Gandhi, law of the Indian Constitution, the Indian Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and all other enactments are completely mutable and violable and only the personal interests of Sonia and her family are immutable and inexorable.

        Soon after Sonia Gandhi made her great ”sham sacrifice” yesterday, the carefully-orchestrated men and women of her party burnt the photograph of Atal Bihari Vajapayee in front of her residence. This was not condemned as a barbarous act by Sonia Gandhi or by any of her Ministers. Likewise, in Chennai, Congressmen burnt the effigy of the Leader of the Opposition L K Advani at the State Congress Headquarters in Satyamoorthy Bhavan. The effigy of her own partyman Veerappa Moily was burnt at Coimbatore for some other reasons on the same day.

        As responsible members of the Opposition, BJP leaders and Telugu Desam leaders only gave a representation to the President of India to the effect that the law that was enforced in respect of Jaya Bachchan was equally applicable to all other MPs including Sonia Gandhi, Somnath Chatterjee and Karan Singh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani are great citizens of India. Their record of public work for more than five decades cannot be matched by any leader in the Congress party today, including Sonia Gandhi. When politically and legally cornered by the Opposition, Sonia Gandhi tried to save her face if not honour by sending in her letters of resignation. Her virtue which was born out of dire political compulsion has been converted into an act of ”great self-sacrifice” by all the flatterers and sycophants in her party. The enlightened citizens of India would have been happier if she had also strongly condemned her partymen for having burnt the photograph of Vajpayee in New Delhi and the effigies of L K Advani in Chennai and Veerappa Moily in Coimbatore. The only saving grace about the Congress party is that when it comes to a question of wanton acts of barbarism and violence, it does not distinguish between Congressmen and men belonging to all other political parties! Sonia Gandhi remained silent as a ”Thatha Gatha-political Buddha”, who sees no evil, hears no evil and does no evil.

        There has been a great fall in political culture in India after the exit of Narasimha Rao in 1996. Selfishness dominates and manifests itself in all our politicians today, in their pleasurable pursuits, sacrificing national welfare for personal benefits, plunder of wealth and unfathomable corruption. We are facing evils like the subjugation of the Indian people for the success of these unholy pursuits of a few persons, destruction of all values, an all-pervading disorder and endless chaos. It seems that all the political leaders have been de-humanised and following them our people also have been de-humanised.

        Broad, simple, liberal safeguards and conceptions which ought to be the breath of our nostrils in this country and which sustain the rights and freedom of the individual against all forms of tyranny, no matter what liveries they wear or what slogans they mouth, these values and ideals are fading day-by-day. I suppose we are admirers of the party system; but I do not think that we should carry our admiration of the system so far as to say that the nation is unfit to enjoy the privilege of managing its own affairs unless it can find someone to quarrel with and plenty of things to quarrel about. Not only in the field of politics, but also in all walks of our public life our nation should learn to distinguish craftsmanship from shoddyness, scholarship from pretentious sophistication, a good man from a scoundrel, a statesman from a demagogue, and greatness from mediocrity. These vital distinctions are getting blurred, if not obliterated by the self-sufficient preferences of the raucous crowd and different categories of mobs in India. The objective standards, which ought to constitute the moral backbone of a civilised society in our nation, are getting dissolved into the ever-changing amorphousness and ever-shifting sands of public opinion. What a man ought or ought not to do is here determined not by objective laws immutable as the stars, but by the results of the latest public-opinion poll.

 Where has freedom gone?

To the four winds

And democracy?

To the dogs and to jail.

Where has hope gone?

Into the Constitution

And disenchantment?

Into its interpretation

Who listens to justice?

Where may it live?

When will freedom return?

To whom is it sacrificed?

Where have the questions gone?

To the scissors?

What did they give us?

Nothing but paper.

Where have the answers gone?

To the hand granades of the terrorists?

What did they give us?

Dead and dead and more dead.