NY Lawsuit withdrawn (by INOC) and NJ Lawsuit dismissed

NY Lawsuit withdrawn (by INOC) and NJ Lawsuit dismissed


Indian National Overseas CongressWithdraws $100 Million Libel Law Suit filed against Kataria et al, aimed at exposing truth about Sonia Gandhi.

Finallythe truth has prevailed.

In abizarre turn of events, Karasik& Associates, attorneys forIndian National Overseas Congress, asubsidiary of Indian National Congress,headed by Sonia Gandhi, in INOC v. Kataria, et al. served a Notice of Discontinuance in theabove-named action to Justice Emly Jane Goodman of the Supreme Court of NewYork on September 29, 2008. TheNotice of Discontinuane tantamounts to an unconditional surrender by theCongress Party and could be construed as a victory of Dharmicforces.  In actuality, thehearing in this case, originally, was scheduled to be held October 2,  2008.

Theprominent Law Firm of Kornstein,Veisz, Wexler & Pollardrepresented Narain Kataria, ArishSahani and Indo Caribbean Council. The stipulation between the attorneys of thetwo parties was agreed to, signedand stamped in the Court on October 2,2008.  Prior to this last month a similar case filed by INOC in New JerseyCourt against Sunanda Thali, Satyanarayana Dosapati,Naresh Sharma, and Mahatma GandhiInternational Foundation, Inc., was summarily dismissed by the Judge who foundthat the Plaintiff had no locus standi in filing such a frivolous case.

It is a matterof great happiness for all NRIs,particularly Hindus,  that thefamous adage from Vedic literature Satya Mev Jayate (Truth shall alwaysprevail, once again, prevailed in New York and New Jersey Courts, on the Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi!

In thisconnection, it should be noted thatthe INOC had filed these two lawsuits on the alleged grounds that Kataria, Sahani et al had defamed President of IndianNational Congress, Sonia Gandhi, by bringing out a full page advertisements inThe New York Times, dated October 6, 2007.  Some extracts from that advertisementare as follows:

“UN’sdeclaration of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on October 2nd as theInternational Non-Violence Day is commendable.  However, instead of a true Gandhian delivering his messageof peace and non-violence, SoniaGandhi who is not a representative of Gandhian values is chosen.

“Sonia MainoGandhi is NOT related to Mahatma Gandhi.  She is attempting tomisappropriate his name for political mileage and international legitimacy.

“Sonia isknown to be vindictive and undemocratic.  Her party uses various mechanisms, such as tax raids,direct threats to subjugate opposition. (“Know your Sonia” by Dr. SubramanianSwamy, visiting Harvard Professor)

“Due to herparty’s pro-terrorist policies, Indiahas second highest  number of terrorism victims after Iraq.  Her Government is requesting clemency to Afzal Guru, the mastermind of attack on IndianParliament.  In pursuit of Muslim vote bank,she has created soft borders and turned a blind eye towards Islamicfundamentalism.

“Her husbandRajiv Gandhi is alleged to have received payments from KGB.  According toSchweizer, Illustrierte, Rajiv has a secret Swiss Bank account of 2 billiondollars.  Her son Rahul projected as next Prime Minister of India, was detained by FBI with largeunaccounted cash at Boston Airport in 2001.  (Swiss magazine  Schweizer, Illustrierte 11/1991,Indo Asian News Service).

“Her party wasinvolved in the UN Oil for Food Scam that helped Saddam Hussain.  She wasinvolved in numerous scams, scandalsand controversies.  Before entering India, she was an au-pair with modestmeans.  Since then, she and herfamily members have amassed millions through questionable means.  (KnowYour Sonia by IndiaFirst Foundation) 

The purpose ofthese cases, it is believed, was to silence the voice of the critics of SoniaGandhi through her surrogates,stifle the voice of freedom, makedefendants financially bankrupt,frighten them into submission, andsuppress the truth.

It is alsoworthwhile to mention here that these two cases had generated an inquisitiveinterest in media, a sense of unityand brotherhood among Indian Diaspora,particularly Hindus and Sikhs, whohad organized fund raisers and established Hindu Support Fund to defray attorneys’ fees and other related expenses to be incurred in these cases.

It is a matterof great satisfaction and joy that the Right of Free Speech guaranteed underthe First Amendment of American Constitution has been upheld by the judges andthe sinister designs of enemies of freedom of speech,actuated by the malicious desire to muzzle the voice of free speech, truth,and vilify the defendants, have been nipped in the bud.

For further information,please visit:  www.HinduSupportFund.com.

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